Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a Brush Buddy!

Wow, lots of mail for us lately. Look what we got, it's a Brush Buddy!

What is a Brush Buddy, you say? Well, it's this really cool towel/massager/cleaner and brush in one.

It has plush terry on one side that can dry you off, and on the other side has thousands of flexible rubber bristles that act as a great brush/massager!

Mum took it to the agility trial a couple of weekends ago when it rained, to try it out. I loved it! Not only did it dry me off, but it cleaned all the mud off, brushed me and I got a nice rub down after my agility runs, which felt great!

Visit the Brush Buddy website for more information, see a cool video of just how easily and fun it works, and pick up one for your pup!

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