Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun day!

We had a pawsome day today!

We got up really early this morning and Mum finished our monthly newsletter and sent it out to everyone. We really enjoy putting it together. Below is Gracie's joke of the day!

Then Mum finished up our taxes and got them ready for the mail, whew, just in time! We took a quick power nap and then headed out to the post office.

On the way back, we stopped at the pet store to pick up some cat litter, and got to get loved on by all the pet store employees, scarf up some treats off the floor and explore all the cool smells. And we got to do some tricks to show off. That was fun 'cause we got lots of treats for that.

Then Mum had a big surprise for us. Since it is such a beautiful weather day, we headed down to the park near the river and took a long hike in the woods. Dog was it fun! Oh the smells, the water, the mud, the downed trees, the hills, the woods - it was just amazing! We hiked for about an hour and then had to head home for dinner. Mum had to pull a bunch of burrs off Gracie before we got back in the car, they were pulling her fur something awful and she was throwing a fit! And she checked our pads for anything foreign.

Once we were cleaned up, we headed home, had dinner and then I spent about a half an hour herding birds and had good wrestle with the Grace-ster. Now we are ready for a nap.

Can I just tell you how much I love Spring! I often wonder if I would love it as much if we didn't have Winter to contend with. Hmmmm...I would!

Oh, we wish so much for a place to hike off lead. Mum has definitely decided that we need new harnesses. This hiking stuff is really fun, but we pull a lot, get real excited and Mum doesn't want me getting injured any more. So she's looking into options. There are a few we've found that we may try.

We like the Puppia Harness, and the new Doggles Mutt Gear Harness, as well as the Ruff Wear Webmaster Harness. Our primary criteria is that it doesn't have buckles around the chest and that it doesn't restrict our movement in any way. So Mum's thinking she may order two of them, see how they fit, and go from there.

I didn't tell you but Mum left us again on Sunday. She took off for Muncie (just about an hour north of here) to attend her niece's third birthday party! She said she had fun. She had a bit of trouble thinking of a gift for her, since Mum is so out of touch with two-legger kids. But she came up with a great idea, I thought. She gave Kristin her Dr. Seuss books from when she was a kid. Oh wow, you would have thought that Mum got her a real expensive toy they were all so happy. And Mum's glad that her old Dr. Seuss library is staying in the family. Hmmm...wonder if some day soon we may be getting another baby shower invitations. Probably not.

We have agility practice tomorrow late afternoon. And we're psyching up for the big USDAA trial this coming weekend. We just hope the weather holds out - last year we ran that weekend in sleet, snow, rain - and oh so much mud! Mum has decided if the surface gets to iffy this weekend, she definitely is pulling me. No need to aggravate my iliopsoas again! (Now that I know that word, it's really fun to say, btw).

We had a hard freeze last night, but the Magnolia and Lilac look pretty good. Just a bit of burn, but not enough to effect the blooming. We can't wait to see them in all their glory!

Hope you all had a good day!


  1. i enjoy hiking on every saturday and the jungle is my paradise...

    n i do miss my harness, it had been a long time since we use it..i got a black one.

  2. Hi Johann!

    Sounds like you had a great day! Mom and I went to my favorite park. Be careful of ticks out there - a dog in my class had one near his eye on Monday!

    I loved Gracie's joke of the day! Very funny!

    We'll cross our fingers for good weather this weekend!


  3. What a great day, full of events and fun!!!

  4. Walks ... pet shop ... chickens ... sounds like a dog's life to us. I've got wind of a trip to the beach for me tomorrow morning. Ger-woof!! xxJake

  5. great joke Gracie - you are a hippie doggie aren't you? Your mum should get you a toy white rabbit to toss around. Get it??
    let me know how your new harness feels. If it doesn't push on your neck I'm gonna get a pink one!

  6. We stopped by to say hello and thanks for visiting us recently. We're sorry it took so long to come by, but it looks like we're in time to read about your email from Sparkles.

    We noticed something in previous posts about an injury but we couldn't find when or what. Have you recovered yet?

  7. Hi Jan! Thanks for stopping by.

    I got a muscle pull in January and have been rehabing ever since. Pretty much back to my normal self! Thanks for checking in.

    Woofs, Johann


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