Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Run free dear Paw Paw!

We are very sad to hear that Martha Stewart's beloved Paw Paw has crossed to the rainbow bridge. Run free dear Paw Paw!

Here's is a portion of Martha's tribute...
As many of you know, my beloved dog, Kublai Khan Paw Paw Chow Chow Chow, was not feeling well in recent weeks and I am very heart-broken to announce his passing last Saturday, April 12, 2008 as he was approaching his 13th year. Paw Paw was a spectacular chow and an even more spectacular dog. He was always my loyal companion, displaying the most agreeable temperament.

Paw Paw loved traveling with me and was always a willing model for the camera. In addition to taking part in television commercials and several national print ads, he has been part of numerous photo shoots and is a familiar face on my television show, in my magazine, and on this blog. Paw Paw’s veterinarians, Dr. Thomas Marsh of Fairfield, CT and Dr. Marty Goldstein of South Salem, NY also admired his easy-going nature, and caring for him was never a chore. Even in his final days, Paw Paw just stopped eating and drifted off to deep sleeps, where he now rests peacefully, and, I’m most confident, quite happily. I will miss him, always.
Read more about Paw Paw's final day at Martha's blog. Our condolences go out to Martha, Francesca, Sharkey, and all of Paw Paw's loving friends and family.


  1. I had not heard this. This is terrible news! I will go check out her site.
    Where have you been Johann? Hope you have been doing ok. Won any agility lately?

  2. We feel so badly! Our hearts go out to Martha and her family. Thanks for telling us, Johann!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Johann it's always so sad to hear that someone's fur kid has crossed the rainbow bridge...lots of quiet woofs to Martha.


  4. Aww, I didn't hear about this. How sad. It's always sad when someone loses a pet, even for Martha, I'm sure. That is definitely not a good thing. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on your award from Tish. I was checking out who she awarded it to. You have a very nice, dog-friendly site here. :)

  5. That is sad. I'm sure Paw Paw is in doggie heaven with other nice doggies who went over the rainbow bridge.

    ~ Girl girl


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