Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mum got me all nervous yesterday! She was gone all day at a meeting in Louisville, which is about 2.5 hours away from where we live. While she was gone our wonderful neighbor came over and let me and Gracie outside to do our business in the early afternoon, and then came over later in the early evening to give us our dinner.

This was a big day for both me and Mum. It was the very first time that anyone has taken care of me, other than my Mum, since Mum had to board me when she went to Las Vegas back in November 2006, and I ended up with a broken toe at the boarding facility. And I did well! (So did Mum).

The first time our neighbor came over to let us outside, I was totally confused. I thought my Mum was in the house! So our neighbor let me back inside and I searched the entire house looking for Mum. When I didn't find her our neighbor said, "Mum will be home soon, don't worry, Johann." So, then I was fine and went about doing my business. Gracie and I even ran zoomies in the yard!

Then when she came back to feed us dinner, we all did well! Dinner time at the May Ranch is kind of an experience. Feeding two cats and two dogs isn't something that most people are used to. But our neighbor handled the task with great enthusiasm. She gets a five paws up from me!

Later that evening, Mum finally got home around 7:00 PM. She was exhausted, but she told me all about her meeting. She met with folks with a new company that's getting ready to 'launch' a new intelligent dog toy. Mum says that she's never seen any kind of toy like it and it's going to be very exciting! Mum is helping the company folks with their marketing and she's super happy and grateful to be doing it. I just can't wait to get my hands on that new toy!

Mum's still sore from all the exercise and driving we've been doing this week. She's loosing inches but no lbs., which she likes. Guess she won't have any need for a list of best diet pills, BOL!

The weather has been pawsome this past week, 60's to 70's and mostly sunny. But what's up for the weekend? Snow! Yep, you heard me, snow! And just when it's the weekend, time to go out and have some fun. But Mum has some fun things planned, she says.

The flowers and shrubs in the garden are growing like weeds! This is our Magnolia, a hardy one for the north. This will be the first year it's going to bloom! Check out those buds, just getting ready to pop. Mum says she may have to throw a sheet over it tonight, so it doesn't freeze it's little buds off.

This is our Lilac. It's also going to be the first time it blooms, see the buds? This shrub is a special one. Mum planted it back in 2000 when she moved into the house. It's a start from the Lilac shrub that belonged to my GrandMum who passed away in January of this year. Think there is a connection between GrandMum's passing and the fact that this is the first year it's blooming? We do!

The Chives are coming up nicely in the herb garden. I can't eat them, but Mum thinks they are great on her chicken and potatoes!

And check out this Fosythia! Wowser! It's looking good this year. Mum's going to cut it back while blooming and make a humongous bouquet, since it's supposed to get below freezing this weekend. Bet my kittie bros will love that!

Gotta go and get some work done before it's play time...Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


  1. woofies and burfs johann and gracie...our yellow bush has already bloomeded and died...mama got picturs of tulips to put on me bloggy soon, that iz when bloggy starts to behave itsself...we glad ur neighbor wuz there to take care of u when u mama had to go on dat trip...our neighbor takes care of bear when we go away..heehee bear does not like the car, rocky luvs it..

    b safe,
    bear and
    angel lacylulu ;)

  2. my evil owner will not bother to get someone to feed me on time....

    if she's back at 8.00pm... then my dinner will become supper...

    btw.. i can't wait to hear more about the new interesting toy


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