Sunday, April 13, 2008

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

This month is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

Taking care of us pups is a big responsibility. Just ask my Mum! We've had some times together that I was so glad that my Mum knew what do to in an emergency. And we've had some friends that had some emergencies of their own.

From Gracie eating something that she shouldn't, to our good friend Tish helping her pup live through a very scary choking incident, to pup friends with cut pads, to me getting stung on the nose by a bee, and much more - we knew what to do because we boned up on some basic first aid techniques. And we encourage every pup owner to learn what to do in an emergency!

Here are some resources you'll want to keep on hand, read and study:

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  1. That reminds my humans - they really should start looking for a first aid course to attend...



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