Monday, April 14, 2008

Web designing frustration!

Mum is getting frustrated! She wants to redo my main website -, but is pretty clueless about web design and website building. Yes, she made my current website - but she did it in FrontPage, which is kind of easy. But it's not optimized or structured correctly. And she wants to give it a new look.

She downloaded the free trial of the new Dreamweaver CS3, and has been tinkering (tinkering too much IMHO!) with it. Every time she gets in there she starts making all these grunting, frustrating sounds. Makes me nervous!!!!

So today she is going to talk with a website designer who can maybe get her started with a template or something that she can build on from there. She likes the new Dreamweaver because it's more WYSIWYG like (she needs lots of help like that).

She's also spending a lot of time looking at website design sites like max web design. They have some interesting articles on SEO (which she could use for her clients) and web design (which she could use for my site). And she's also been reading some Dreamweaver tutorials. But I think she's spending way too much time on learning and not enough time doing!

And, if she didn't have to spend all that time learning she could be taking me for a nice hike!


  1. Johann,

    My mom says your mom should check out Open Source Web Design at

    My mom makes websites all day when she should be taking care of me. Annoying.

    Your friend,

  2. Dreamweaver is great! But yes, it takes getting used to..even HM doesn't know all the cool tricks yet...but the more you practice...Getting a template will help a lot!!

    Good Luck!


  3. Dreamweaver is ok.. but yes you should check out OSWD.

    Steer away from frames.. people hate them.. and pick up a copy of the Non-designers Design book.

    And lastly, let me know if I can help!

    I like content management myself. (especially the free ones)

  4. Check this one out

  5. sounds like your mum will turn into a webby pro in no time...

  6. Pacco - webby pro, not something I think Mum is going to be able to handle, BOL!

    FuzzyLogic - thanks! I like it, but we're looking for nav on the left and the top, our main website is really big! We may be heading your way for help if things don't work out and we'll definitely look at that book!

    Splash - Thanks! We looked at the Open Source stuff, but Mum isn't smart enough to know what to do with it - goofy Mum!

    We talked with a web designer to maybe set up Dreamweaver for us and then Mum thinks she can take it from there - we'll see!

    But thanks everyone, we sure appreciate all the help and advice, fur sure!

  7. I can't recommend you something, but just hope you, your mom and your site will be fine! Good luck, my dear friend!


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