Monday, April 14, 2008

It's National Pet ID Week!

This week is National Pet ID Week! See me, I'm wearing my tags.

This week is a great time to check your pet's id tag and make sure all the information is up-to-date. We do this every year.

A few times in the past year, Mum and I have found dogs wandering around our neighborhood. Mum and I immediately get in the car with a bag of treats and try to catch them, in hopes that we can help them find their way home.

The nice thing is that all of these pups had tags. So Mum called the numbers and were able to get the pups home in just about an hour! We've been able to do it quite a few times, and we have to say the pups were grateful and so were their owners.

Having a tag or microchip for your pup is soooo important. What if, heaven forbid, that they would get lost, one day. It's so much easier for them to find their way home with some type of identification.

Here are some resources for tags that we use and like, but whatever you do, tag us!

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