Monday, April 14, 2008

Will a non-human win the next Britain's Got Talent?

Will a BC win the next BGT? Just ask Piers and Simon! Gin is on to the next round!


  1. woofies and burfs cant git that video to work. me will try again later...

    b safe,
    bear and
    angel lacylulu ;)

  2. oops, now it works, just took some time to, dat pup wuz pawsome...rockys, mom here, was thinking bout trying to get rocky in agility, but right now his mind is on everything..have to wait till he settles down some..


  3. I watched it too & thought that Gin & her hoomans was kewl! I think she might win!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Very cool - and Simon always makes me laugh, LOL. The pup is really talented, I hope he wins :)

  5. I know I've seen her on youtube before, practicing out in a field. I just can't find it now. I think I was searching for Mary Ray vids.

    Must find her old video. I know that's the girl I saw before.

    Anyway, great video, pretty good routine. I don't know how she'll do enough routines to make it all the way through though, since it takes so long to train up a routine and there are only so many new tricks.

    GREAT exposure for freestyle and BCs though. GREAT exposure.

  6. Ok, maybe not the same girl. Maybe the same. Still, cool tricks.

    Yay smart dogs!

  7. That's one talented dog!! Simon was like "Om my god!!" hehe :) I hope she wins!!


  8. We watched that on Saturday night, Mum was very impressed. She had to laugh though when Simon said he had never seen anything like it before.. take it he isn't a Crufts fan then hehehe

    Ben xxxx

  9. How cool! Piers and Simon are rarely amazed! Yea, Gin!

  10. Go, Gin! Thanks, Johann. It made my mom cry--she always does that when she sees great freestyle. Humans!

  11. How funny. We just watched this. A friend sent us a link to YouTube. Then we stopped by Lacy's blog and found your link.

    Love this type of canine dancing. Gin is great!

  12. Loved it!! Thanks for posting it. I'd love to know how she goes in the next round.


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