Sunday, May 18, 2008

I got one Q and a dopey Mum!

We're back from the trail today...and I returned with one Q and a dopey Mum!

We left real early, about 5:00 AM, and got there pretty early about 7:15. We walked the course at about 8:00. Standard was first. Nice little course, with some speedy areas, and a nice tunnel/dog walk discrimination. Mum decided she would just be happy if I ran it faster than yesterday.

Well I surprised her and not only ran it a little faster than yesterday, but I ran it clean! And I handled the tunnel/dog walk discrimination like a pro. She was pretty darn proud and happy that we just may have broken our unlucky streak.

Here's the vid!

After Standard, she walked me out too cool me down, then took Gracie for a little stroll. By the time she got back inside they were already walking for JWW. So she only got to walk the course for about four or five minutes. And the course was a bit tricky in places.

She watched a few runs and then had to go right out to the car and get me. But she sure didn't feel really comfy with her knowledge of the course. Then it was my turn, and wouldn't you know for the first time in, oh about ever, I broke my start line stay. She was leading out to almost the third jump and I took off before she got just past the first jump. This is where the dopey Mum part kicks in.

So after I broke my stay, she had to run her butt off and she got all turned around, I didn't get all the jumps in because she got lost and couldn't get there in time. I went into the wrong tunnel instead (there were two side by side), and she tried to get me to go in the correct one and entrance, and I went in the wrong one again, and then again, and then again! Dog was that fun to take the tunnel four times in a row. Mum was just laughing her fool, dopey head off.

Finally she got me into the correct tunnel and we finished the course, faster than I've run in a long time. (Luckily, the person viding us messed up, so we don't have a video). Guess it pays sometimes to makes mistakes, have fun, and have a dopey Mum! I had so much fun on that run, and Mum didn't care, she was just happy I was running well.

So, we're not sure if we've broken our unlucky streak or not, guess we'll see at the next trial in a couple of weeks. But I know a couple of things, Mum needs more than 4-5 minutes to walk a course, I couldn't wait to run again today (aka, broke my start stay), and I just love those tunnels!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Good job dude!!!

    glad your mom had a good sense of humour about your second run!! ;o) It happens to the best of pups!



  2. Great standard run, Johann! Too bad about your dopey mom in your JWW run (you were a little dopey yourself with your broken start line stay!) but sounds like you had a fun time with the tunnels - and having fun is all that really matters!
    My cousin Wilson lives kind of near Fairfield - too bad it wasn't a good weekend for us to travel - we could've visited you and then gone to see my cousin. Maybe next time........Hope you have a good week!

  3. Wow! Nice run, Johann! Don't pause tables last just forever?!

    Woofs, Kharma

  4. Great run! The place they had the trial looked great. Ive never seen a trail setting that nice. All the indoor ones Ive seen are really horse arenas. Diana

  5. Thanks everyone!

    It is a really nice location, have another one just like that here in Indy with two trials this summer. The flooring is amazing - those little black beads are great cushioning.

    Too bad we couldn't meet up Ricky, but we'll be in Dayton in a couple of weeks! Would love to see you.

    Mum knows she has to keep her sense of humor, it's always her fault when I do something I'm not supposed to on course!

    And yes, those tables are furever!!!! Especially when it's a down on the table, grrr.....


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