Monday, May 19, 2008

New harnesses!

Hey, check it out, Gracie and I got new harnesses!

Mum thinks we are looking pretty hot in these new harnesses from Puppia that our friends at GollyGear hooked us up with. We received several kinds of harnesses and tried them all on, and finally settled on these.

I'm wearing the size large and Gracie is wearing size XL. They are made of a mesh material and only have one nylon strap that goes around our bellies, so there are no obstructions of our movement, or nasty buckles to rub on our shoulders.

So far they are passing the Gracie pull hard test pretty well. We'll keep you posted on the progress, but so far we are really liking these. Our next big hiking trip will be the real test. We like them because they are soft, durable, washable and they fit a variety of sized dogs. I have a 19 inch girth and Gracie has a 24 inch girth. Gracie's isn't adjusted out as far as it could go, so they would even fit a larger dog than Gracie.

I'm wearing the navy blue (even though Mum also got me the lime green) and Gracie is wearing the purple.

Now we just have to find a supplier of Puppia harnesses for our website!


  1. Your new harnesses look great on you! Nice colors!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. You guys look pretty stylin in those new harnesses!


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  4. Sweet! Do you and Gracie have a favorite seat belt harness? My mom doesn't always like to use the crate and worries that I might get hurt someday without being buckled in.

  5. Hey there Pogonip! Check out this Squidoo lens I did on dog car safety, I think it will give you lots of info and ideas:

  6. Johann -
    You and Gracie look beeyootiful! Thank you for the mention - we love talking to your mom and sharing dog and agility stories!


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