Friday, May 09, 2008

More about jumping in arms!

Mum's been working on getting me to jump in her arms. It's been a process, but we had a breakthrough the other day!

She started with her sitting in a regular chair and started adding pillows, but once she has her body almost straight with pillows I won't jump up.

So she tried a Bar Stool , leaned up against it, and what did I do? Yep, I did it! I jumped in her arms. No vids yet, but we'll do that sometime for ya. Who woulda thought that using a bar stool would have worked, guess I thought she was sitting in a chair.

Our bar stool is a pretty basic one that she's had for years, just lying around and taking up space, 'cause we don't have a bar or even a high counter in our kitchen like a lot of people do.

Mum remembers she went bar stool shopping with one of her friends once and they went from store to store to store looking for just the right one. We needed to send her to this site we found. They have all kinds of bar stools - wooden, metal, indoors and outdoors; ones with a back, ones without a back; . And you can even build your own!

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  1. we've been trying to learn this trick... but i don't get the idea of jumping up when she's sitting... i CLIMB up...


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