Thursday, May 08, 2008


This stuff looks very yummy! Of course Mum could make me some at home and she does, but it sure would be a great gift idea, or present, right?

It's called Yƶghund, and it originated at The Barking Dog, Ltd., as a fun, innovative, and nutritional treat for the four legged guests that they cared for each day.

The frozen yogurt is made with all organic ingredients and includes low fat yogurt, peanuts, and banana.

If I get too much of this great stuff I just may need to check in to a drug treatment center! Yum!

From the store locator you can find out where you can get it near you. Looks like our local Pet Supplies Plus has it on hand, cool!

1 comment:

  1. Cooper used to love the Frosty Paws ice cream for dogs. I can't wait to see if Levi does as well. I'll have to our local Pet Supplies to see if they have the yogurt.

    the mom, Jean LOL


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