Friday, May 09, 2008

Online banking!

I didn't know if you knew this, but before I came into the picture, Mum worked for a tech company that provided online banking and brokerage services to banks and credit unions across the country. She was the head of marketing and started at the company when they only had 20 employees.

Then in 2001 or so, when the company had grown to 200 employees and was the second largest online banking provider in the country, the company was sold to their largest competitor in California, and the company dumped all the employees. Very sad, but very common at that time with technology companies.

But when Mum started working there, she immediately signed up for online banking, and now she's been doing all her banking and the banking for our companies online ever since! I don't even think she knows how to write a check anymore (accept for my agility trials, of course). And we don't ever get a statement in the mail, it comes to our email box. We have three accounts - one for my business, one for Mum's business and one for our personal stuff. And each one of those accounts has a checking account, a Savings Account, and a money market account. And we can transfer easily from one to the other to keep with the best interest rate.

We wouldn't know how to bank any other way anymore, and always recommend it to our friends and family.

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