Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our home!

Eight years ago, before Mum even had a glimmer in her eye for me, she decided she wanted to get her very first home.

She looked around Indianapolis and Carmel (north of Indy), but couldn't find any homes within her price range that she liked.

Then she came across a builder that had a floor plan that was just perfect for her, and the price was really right! So in October 2007 she started building our home. Then in March 2008 she moved in with my two kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy, and a few years later she adopted me from a shelter and I moved in. That's my kittie bro, Wolfie, in the palladium window above our front door - silly cat!

Building a home can be a great idea, it sure was for Mum. Not only was the price right, but she got to choose the area, the lot, the home and all the amenities to go with it - just the way she wanted. And the value of our home has increased dramatically over the years, something that wouldn't have happened if she had purchased an existing home.

If you live in the South Carolina area and are looking for a new home, we found a builder that may be worth looking into, called Schumacher Homes. Their homes are gorgeous and South Carolina Custom Homes, could be a great financial move for you and your family, just as it was for ours.

Mum has estimated that the value of our home has increased nearly 25% of the past five years, building a lot of equity that we hope to recoup when we sell. Mum says the home is really too big for just her and the four of us. She bought the house as an investment, and that investment paid off better than any of her other savings plans.

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