Tuesday, May 06, 2008

IFCS World Agility Championships!

The 4th IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) will be held in Ingelmuster, Belgium, from May 9-11, 2008 - this Friday through Sunday. Check-in and warm-up will begin on May 8th.

This IFCS (International Federation of Cynological Sports) event promotes nondiscriminatory practices, the betterment of the sport, and the association of competitors among nations. It is held every two years in different locations around the world. The WAC features standard agility, jumping, gamblers, snooker, and relay, both in individual and team competitions.

Each team can have a maximum of 12 members with no more than three competitors per jump height.

Official IFCS height breakdowns are as follows:

Toy - 30 cm (11.81 in) and under, jumps 30 cm
Mini - 40 cm (15.75 in) and under, jumps 40 cm
Midi - 50 cm (19.69 in) and under, jumps 55 cm
Maxi - Over 50 cm (19.70 in) jumps 65 cm T

The United States Dog Agility Association is the United States representative for team selection to participate in the IFCS World Agility Championships. Here are the US team members:

Toy class:
Mike Murphy, Bailey , Jack Russel Terrier
Dana Pike, Tangle , Mixed Breed
Kimberly Sisak , Devo, Papillon

Small class:
Elizabeth Evan, Hemi , Pyrenean Shepherd
Suzi Cope , Jib , Miniature Poodle
Suzanne Wesley, Sonic , Miniature Poodle

Medium class:
Mary Ellen Barry, Fizz, Border Collie
Kate Moureaux, Driven, Border Collie
Anne Andrle, Ski, Border Collie

Large class:
Rachel Sanders, Fable, Border Collie
Stuart Mah, Qwik, Border Collie
Lisa Bowers, Slick , Border Collie

If you'd like to read more about the team members, the USDAA website has interviews with nearly every one attending. Here is the list of all participants from Belgium, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Great Britain, Russian Federation, The Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.

Individual events will include: Agility-Standard, Jumping, Snooker, Gamblers, Biathlon (Agility-Standard + Jumping), All around (Agility-Standard + Jumping + Snooker + Gamblers). Team event will include the Triathlon (Agility-Standard + Jumping + Team Relay). There will also be a non-championship class - Power & Speed, which is a combination of contact obstacles, weave poles and a spread hurdle for the power section, and speed with accuracy during the second section (consisting of hurdles and tunnels) of the course.

The USDAA selected its US team members based on a compilation of the points earned by hopefuls from their first three Regionals (Grand Prix Finals, Steeplechase Finals, and each Team Class) as well as from the 2007 Cynosport World Games (Grand Prix Semifinals and Finals, Steeplechase Semifinals and Finals, and each Team class). Such information was calculated for those competitors who submitted Intent To Compete forms by the September 21st deadline.

Team USA has won three past team gold medals and has been the leader in the medal count each event dating back to the inaugural event in Moscow back in 2002. Team USA is eyeing their fourth Team gold amidst a growing, competitive international community. Good luck to all the competitors!

And for a little history - Here are the results from 2002, and from 2004. And here are the 2006 results and courses.


  1. Which one are you going to take part in Johann?

    ~ Girl girl

  2. The IFCS website lists the member organizations, which include:
    Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Georgia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and the US.

    Only member countries of the IFCS participate in this competition. Unless the website is not up to date, it's my assumption that other countries that are members decided not to participate

  3. Hi - I'm Karen Moureaux, Kate's mom and I'm here in Belgium to cheer on the US Team. I will be taking photographs and posting them to my web site www.dogsportphotos.com during the event. Internet access allowing.... I've taken a few "tourist" pics from the places we've gone so far.

    The team had a practice this afternoon and will check in and practice again tomorrow.

    Kate and Driven made the flight just fine. Kathy Marshall and I ran into Dana and Rachel when we were sightseeing in Bruge.

    The weather is perfect and the country beautiful...

    Karen Moureaux

  4. Hi Karen! Thanks for barking in!

    Glad you all made it there safely. We'll encourage everyone to stop by your site to see some pics and updates; and thanks for keeping everyone up to date!

    If you get a chance stop by here and give us a few updates too, we would absolutely love it!

    Good luck to Kate and Driven, and the entire Team USA!!! We are all rooting for you!


Thanks for barking in!

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