Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What are you going to get your Mum for Mother's Day?

Ok, I'm still thinking about what I should get Mum for Mother's Day.

I know what she really wants, something we were Twittering about with Sophie today, a Canon EOS D-40, but I don't think I can swing that just now. Maybe that orchid, I thought about. But it's really just something she'll have to maintain, and she's got enough to maintain now - me, and Gracie and Wolfie and Wiggy!

I thought about a nice box of Chocolate, maybe even from the Scranton-famous Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. They have some amazing gift wrapped assortments, and you can order online. But I don't think she would share it with me and I like to share food! And she has been trying to loose a few lbs. lately. Hmmm...

Maybe something we could both enjoy, like a dog walk. Yep, that's what I want to get her a dog walk. She could spend lots of time and energy putting it together, then run me like the wind over it, and over it, and over it. I know she would really like that, but maybe I'm just being selfish.

Maybe I'll just give her my sweetest smile, head tilt and head butt - I know she would absolutely love that and it wouldn't cost a thing!

So what are you giving your Mum for Mother's Day?


  1. Lock laces from Clean Run! Mom really wants them. Should I get pink or white? I think I look better next to white.

  2. Oh lock laces, cool! Mum would like those too, hmmm...got me thinking again.

    Shameless plug:
    Don't forget to go through http://www.JohannTheDog.com for them Splash! Click on the Clean Run logo. Same price and everything and we donate 10% profits to rescue!

  3. I think maybe you should get your mom that cleaning service thingy - then you could both go on a hike!

    I hadn't thought to get anything for my mom maybe I'll find a way to surprise her or catcher a deer or something - I bet she'd like that.

  4. that's so thoughtful of u, johann..

    maybe i shld put on my thinking cap too...


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