Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trial tomorrow and Sunday!

We have another agility trial tomorrow and Sunday in Fairfield, Ohio. Mum was late with the entry so we didn't get in on Saturday, but that's OK, we'll be able to drive back and forth, and we'll still be able to get in two days of agility! We can hardly wait.

The trial is in an indoor soccer facility, so we hope we don't have any elephant or circus animal remains and smells like we did last weekend, BOL! And of course we won't have to contend with any rain, either. Big pluses!

We got in a little practice this week in the backyard. I was a zooming freak on the jumps, tunnel and weaves. Gracie worked on her weaves, but was incredibly distracted, she popped out of the weaves a lot! Silly girl.

She hardly ever does that at practice at our trainers. Mum thinks it may be our weave poles, and the fact that our grass is really uneven from all the drought we had last summer. Sometimes Mum thinks that Gracie touches her toes on the weave pole strip with the uneven grass and gets confused. She tries to go so fast, she's not picking up her feet. So Mum is trying to get the grass to grow more, by starring at it and throwing on some chemical free fertilizer. The fertilizer will work, but I don't think the starring is gonna work, Mum!

After our little practice Gracie and I got in some wrestling and zooming. Here she is pummeling me - Mum didn't get a pick of me pummeling her, what's up with that?

So wish us luck this weekend. We are aiming to break our losing streak and get some Q's!


  1. Hi

    Good luck with the agility my big bro Jet has just started to go to shows and I learning how to do it.


  2. PS. Fairfield is a little too far for this weekend any way! Sorry - hope to meet up with you again before too long! We'll be thinking about you!

  3. Hey Cara - learning agility is so much fun, isn't it!

    Thanks Ricky! We'll maybe be able to see ya in Dayton in a couple of weekends!

  4. all d best 2 u, johann...the indoor facility sounds great.

    my grass here ain't growing too.... not much rain recently.

  5. Good luck to you and Gracie. I know you doggies will do pawsome

    ~ Girl girl

  6. Johann good luck this weekend and fly through that course!


  7. Hi Johann,
    Thanks for stopping by. I have not seen you in a while. Good luck this weekend. I hope you will be really really fast!

  8. Good luck to you and Gracie! My mom stares at the grass too and it seems to get sparser each time. My agility equipment looks like pickup sticks right now while Mom and Dad work on the fence. I wish they'd play with me instead.

    Woofers, Kharma


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