Friday, June 06, 2008

2 Q's today!

Quick update -- We got two Q's today a DQ! And we got some great MACH points to boot, with a 2nd place and a fourth place finish! I was pretty speedy, not zoomie speedy, but we were pretty happy with the runs, vids coming later.

It was hot running today in 87 degrees and humidity. And it was pretty windy, the wind chimes at home were making a racket. But we had loads of fun. We'll check back probably on Sunday since we're back at the trial on Saturday and Sunday!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! And keep away from the yucky storms rolling across the country!


  1. Way to go Johann.... Its hot here too. Mom just set up my Doggie Drencher we got from Affordable Agiliy - its a blast! I am now a very wet dog!

  2. Hey there Morgan! Thanks for checking in with me....that Doggie Drencher is cool! We need to add it to our website. It looks like a great present for me to give to my sis Gracie! She loves water hose water.

    Me? I like my pool!

    Keep cool! Woofs, Johann

  3. w00f's johann and gracie, u pups stay cool when u running...its gettin close to 100 here now and me has been burning up, me spends my time in da bedroom (the room wiff a/c). \

    b safe,

  4. Great job on the Q's, Johann--last weekend and this! Still looking for a good seatbelt harness locally so Mom can try it on me. Your lens on them was stellar and set a high standard that Mom is trying to fulfill so I stay safe. Keep cool, dude! Woofs, Kharma

  5. Way to go Johann. Sounds like your dog deserves a dip in the pool.
    Its nice to see people who work hard to make life good for dogs. A+

  6. Congrats! Levi is in preferred so no MACH for him, I just want to get his MXP and MJP darnit! ;)


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