Saturday, June 07, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

Today was way different than yesterday.

A quick update! We got to the site, and it was raining, lightening and storming. They delayed running us pups until about 9:00 AM, then stopped running again. Started up at 11:00 AM, there was one dog ahead of me and then they stopped running us again. It was good to be safe!

About 15 minutes after this storm passed, during which about an inch of rain fell, I got to run in the pouring rain. Mum tried her best to not give me big splashes from the humongous puddles she had to run through when she ran, but it didn't work and I was just too weird. I ran the course clean with some fast parts, but it just wasn't good enough for a Q.

Then about an hour later I ran jumpers. Not too bad of a run, some good parts, but I took an off course tunnel entrance, for a no Q. And I have to tell ya - the course was so muddy and I was sinking as I ran - Mum too!

Gracie and I need a bath, or at least a hose down - maybe we can get a best buy on some towels.

We're beat, wet, muddy and really need a nap after this yucky day...Hoping for better results tomorrow! We sure hope they move the course to a different part of the fairgrounds tomorrow, so we'll have more of a fair shot, because sinking in the mud when you're running a course makes it twice as hard.

Indiana is having a terrible time today, parts of I-65 (a main interstate that runs from Chicago, thru Indy to Louisville) and I-70 (which is the main interstate east to west) are shut down from major, major flooding in the state. We got lucky, no flooding up here north of Indy. But some folks just south of us are having a really tough time today. We wish them well, and are glad we are home safe and sound.


  1. geez,Johann, What an icky day you had.I hate mud. Its so sticky,and gooey. gets in your toes.

  2. Hey we ran in the rain today too! What's the deal! We are in the desert and it's supposed to be hot and dry, but it's cold an wet! Ugh. Levi did get one Q today though.. in agility. and one in Obedience! Yay for a fun agility weekend.

  3. i never tried running in the rain b4... it must be tough..

    but splashing the mud and rain water sounds cool though

  4. Aw, Johann, you look so fed up and wet, yet you are sitting so beautifully. (Doggedly?) I'm sure you got your reward.

    Sounds like freak weather all right. We're used to running in the wet, but not in torrential rain!

  5. Glad to hear the flooding missed you. Sounds like it was way too wet to run on Sat, but at least you got 2 Qs on Fri.
    - Charlie

  6. Hope your Sunday trials went well - it's so HOT!!! Bet you wore your cool coat!


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