Sunday, June 08, 2008

What a difference ANOTHER day makes!

We're back from the trial, a bit rested, fed and ready to play again. Here's a quick update and then I'll let you know all the good and gory details of the entire 3-day trial tomorrow.

The course was still pretty muddy when we got to the trial site this morning. We asked if they were going to move the ring - no; put down some shavings - no. So Mum waited to walk the course before 16" to finally decide if we were going to run. After Saturday's mess and the extra work I had to do to run in the mess, she wasn't going to put me though that two days in a row.

But during as the big dog's ran before our 6" walk through, the course had dried up pretty darn well, and the dog's path looked good to Mum, so we ran. And I ran pretty darn well, pretty confident and got a nice Q and 5th place!

Then we ran JWW about an hour later. By this time it was about 87 degrees and full sun, and humidity. Pretty sticky. But something was in the air for me today and I ran my Jumpers course really well. Even the judge yelled out "Nice Run!" after our run - which was super special to us. Good enough for another Q and 3rd place! So we got another DQ! I think (we have to tally up to know for sure) but this may be our 18th DQ so far.

Tomorrow we'll have more info, course maps, pics and vids, as soon as Mum works on our Linksys router.

Mum and I were really happy with the day. Had loads of fun, even though it was pretty hot. Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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