Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little training this weekend!

Gracie is starting to get back to her old ornery self, I think(?) that's good! That virus really knocked her down for a few days.

So now that she's feeling better, we got in a little agility practice in the backyard this weekend. It was getting pretty hot, even at 9:00 AM. But we still had fun!

Mum noticed in my last trial vids after she got the CAT6 cables all hooked up, that I was running kind of 'hump backed.' But after the chiro adjustment last Thursday, I sure wasn't running that way this weekend! And I was pretty fired up to practice, I even tugged a lot!

Gracie had been missing her weave poles lately...poles in the middle and pulling out at 10. But after her chiro adjustment on Thursday too and a little resting up...she started doing her weaves really well again! She missed I think one time on Sunday, the rest she did great!

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