Saturday, June 14, 2008

The weekend plans!

No trial this weekend, darn it! But we do have some plans.

Mum and I are continuing to help Gracie get better, she's still a little under the weather. And really needs to get her goofy smile back.

We're also going to clean, clean and more clean. We've gotten behind on that activity, with all the trials lately. And now that our Rover is fixed we've got to get all the mud out of it from last weekend.

Gotta do some grocery shopping, and make a quick trip to the pet store for supplies. And Mum wants to get a Micro SD card for our new phone, so it can hold more music and pics.

We hope if the weather holds out we can get in a little agility practice in the backyard, and then cool off in the kiddie pool. After all the rain, it's full, full, full!

We really need to get busy working on the new website, and catch up on reading our buds blogs - we've really be remiss in that!!!! Hey Mum, get those blogs up so I can catch up on my friends, K?

There's bills to pay, and clients to bill. But luckily we don't have to check on any debt consolidation loans, BOL!

Mum has to finish mowing the Back 40 of our property. She's managed to keep up the front and back, but the way back is so much harder to mow. It's way past time. And then we've got to get in some hiking on Sunday morning. Gracie's health permitting. It's just been way too long for a good hike!

So what are you all up to this weekend - over 15.5" hopefully! Have a great one, K? And then come and tell us all about what you did!


  1. Johann,
    I hope you get to go on a lovely hike tomorrow. Tell Gracie to get better soon!


  2. w00f's Johann and Gracie, sorrwy no trials today, but its really hot here...prolly where u iz hopes Gracie gets to feelin better soon...

    b safe,

  3. No trials for us this weekend either, but next weekend we do. I'm just saving up all my wired-up energy! Hope Gracie gets better soon.


  4. Hi Johann! Hope Gracie is feeling better - it's no fun to be sick! Mom likes to clean and garden. I help her do it all the time. Yesterday we went to visit my grandpa and grandma - and we're going again today because my cousin Wilson is coming. Cool - two days of visiting in a row! We just did a little backyard agility practice. Hope you're getting lots done and also having some fun!

  5. Hey Johann,
    I've been behind on keeping up with other dog blogs, too. Mama says she's been too BUSY with something called a final exam and term paper. Whatever. So my weekend's been kinda bo-ring!
    Murphy Dogg

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