Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Some of our friends have asked recently if we're going to move, since we've talked about it previously. We'll that's the big question! We're still trying to decide - where, when, how and all that good moving decision stuff.

One of the big things holding Mum back is the real estate market, it stinks. Although a few houses in our neighborhood have sold and there's been some interest in others at the price set. But it's still risky. And the other thing that's holding Mum back is packing stuff up, and dealing with Movers. She absolutely hates packing. Although using Moving Companies, could be very helpful. Maybe they could pack for us?

Over the course of her life Mum has lived in six different cities, and about 12 different apartments or houses. She has moving phobia now. Doesn't even want to think about making all the arrangements, worrying about selling the house, finding a new house. Well, you know! It's not fun. But maybe a Moving Company will help in her decision, we could call and get a free quote and go from there.

And she'd like to get rid of some of our stuff before we would move. And wouldn't you know it the day that the neighborhood had a garage sale, we were off doing agility - which is way more fun anyway.

So we are still deciding, ideas are brewing, but nothing firm yet.

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  1. I want to move too! I want to go to Richfield, Utah, get 5 acres or more, and be in a rural area.

    The market is pretty sucky now, though. Unfortunately!


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