Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We got a new Palm Centro!

Mum and I got a new Palm Centro the other day, and absolutely love it! And the price was soooooo right with our upgrade.

It has an MP3 player, camera, little vid capabilities; it syncs with our calendar, contacts and tasks; has web and email capabilities; we Twitter with it, blog with it and oh, yeah, it's a phone too! We're still figuring everything out on it. But if you want to see it - check this out - we got the red one!


  1. OHHHHHHH!!! we are sooo jealous!! They don't offer the Centro in Canada yet!!

    we have the Palm Treo 650..and HM loves it..but needs an upgrade..it's been a few years!

    lucky ducks! (er..dogs?) BOL!



  2. That looks nice! Have you joined Utterz.com so you can send your pics there? :)


Thanks for barking in!

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