Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take your dog to work day is this coming Friday!

Friday, June 20th, is Take Your Dog To Work Day!!!!

Gracie and I are a lucky couple of pups. We get to go to work with our Mum everyday of the week. Coming this Friday some lucky pups will be joining us in going to work with their paw parents!

We have lots of jobs at work helping our Mum. We help update our blogs - The Days of Johann, Rescue Me, and Raise A Green Dog. We update and put new products on our dog store website. We test new doggie products for folks that send them to us, and we even have Mum read us books that publishers and authors want us to review.

Being the herding breeds that we are, Gracie and I love to work. Sometimes we even help Mum with stuff relating to keeping our home running, like cleaning, talking with mortgage lenders since we've been thinking about moving, and we even help Mum with some of our marketing consulting clients. We have fun everyday at work, and we know that we help Mum all throughout the day, just by being there to support her.

Pet Sitters International, the TYDTWDay sponsor believes that through TYDTWDay, people without dogs will see the loving bond their co-workers have with their pets and will consider adopting orphaned pets for their own.

Studies show that pets in the workplace boost employee morale, productivity and even sales! TYDTWDay is a great public relations opportunity and lots of fun. Participation in TYDTWDay helps save the lives of homeless shelter animals all over the country!

Stop by and visit the Take Your Dog to Work website, learn more, enter a great "at work" photo contest, listen to the "Gotta Take Your Dog to Work" song, check out the top 10 list of things to convince your boss to participate in TYDTWDay, see the top 10 dog friendly companies, view the list of 7 successful ways to have a great TYDTWDay, and more!

Thousands of dogs will be gracing the workforce on Friday - hopefully! Be sure to make it a fun, safe and peaceful day, K?

Not too long ago, Paul Frank Industries invited Cesar Milan to help the out with all the dogs in their office...check it out!

And here are the Purina offices, where it's take your dog to work day everyday!


  1. How great is that -- people get to take their dogs to work! (Wonder if they'll ever have a Take Your Bunny to Work Day?)

  2. Hey, my dogs go to work with me every day, too! Such a long commute--from the kitchen to the office on the other side of the house. Sometimes when I'm in a long phone teleconference, they have to tell everyone about the squirrels in the yard who are threatening our business plan.

    But my client--Big Mongo Company--won't let dogs onsite at their officies at all. Even when I got a brand-new puppy and I said that I couldn't leave her home alone/in a crate all day for a project that the client needed me to be onsite for. The word was just No, even though I said I'd keep her in a crate and just take her out for walks outside the building.

    So sad.



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