Sunday, July 06, 2008

Regionals - Day 3!

The Rescues (to the Res-Q) did it! We got a Q in team at the USDAA NC Regionals today. We are super excited!

You may remember that we were in 21st place end of Friday and end of Saturday. So we really had to pull it out for the last event today - Team Relay. And we did. Not one fault by any of the three of us on the relay course. Then we kept our paws crossed until the results were announced.

Out of 38 teams, the Rescues to the Res-Q came out 15th. Not too bad considering two of us on the team had never done team before and it was Regionals, with many of the teams above us big names, World team and USDAA and AKC Finals participants. Wowser, what an honor! Guess those Team company logo shirts really paid off! And look at the cool patch we got!

So Mum, Gracie (the best cheerleader ever) and I are having a little celebration tonight - just wish I could have more of my favorite treats, but the tummy is screaming!

Remember yesterday? I had a bit of an 'explosion' in my crate at the trial? Well, this morning I woke up, raring to go and even had a solid poo. Mum was incredibly relieved, and we set off for the trial this morning, bright and early.

First event for us this morning was the last Team event - Team Relay. Here's the course:

I started the run taking the Dog #1 spot, made it clean and not too bad on the speed. Mum handed the baton to our teammate and they took off, ran nice and clean; third teammate did the same and we woo hoo'd each other at the end! Too fun! I love three dog team relay - very exciting, energy is high. And I have to say that it ran really smooth considering all the jump height changes.

My second run of the day was Masters Gamblers. Yesterday I was bailing my dog walk and I did it again today. Mum had a nice plan for a Q. Jump, two dog walks, two tunnels, two teeters and then whatever until the buzzer sounded. Well, I bailed my first and second dog walk, got the two tunnels, tried for another dog walk (probably should have gone to the teeter, but), headed for the teeter - out of time, buzzer sounded.

So we headed for the gamble (without enough points) to see if we could work it. And we did. Dog, I was moving. I took the first jump and was up the frame and Mum was still 5 feet from the line. Took the jump and Mum tried to turn me out, but I turned in. But since she was back so far, she ran toward the tunnel - told me go tunnel, and I did! Then I took the last jump like a pro. So I got the gamble, but we didn't get the Q. But I have to tell ya, you woulda thought that I did the way Mum was giving me lots of 'good boys!'

Next event was the Grand Prix finals. Since I didn't Q yesterday because I was sick as a dog, Mum went over and gated the starters standard event. She likes to gate, don't ask me why.

After that, it was time for the final event of the weekend. By this time it was about 87 degrees, sunny, no wind and hot, hot, hot! But I gave it my all, was over 4 yards per second, but I knocked a bar, dang no Q! Three more needed for my Jumpers Champion title.

Overall we are super pleased with the weekend. We got that Team Q I really wanted, got in a pairs Q, I was super speedy, even with the Big D hanging over me a bit, even with the heat, and even though it was a super long weekend. Mum is really happy with my performance, and she thinks that I really stepped it up this past weekend. Maybe this high level of competition agrees with me, hmmmmmm.

While we were there this weekend, our good buddies Simba and Willow gave me a birthday present, see! I got to open it when I got home tonight. Love it!!! That was so thoughtful of them, thanks you two!!! We wuvs ya.

When I got home I had a little Big D, but not too bad. And Gracie even had a little. There were a lot of dog buds that I talked to that had the Big D this weekend too! Hmmmm....wonder if that happens a lot? are a few other courses from the weekend. This is the course from Team Gamblers yesterday...

Here's Steeplechase Finals...

Here's GP Round 1...

And here's Team Snooker from yesterday...


  1. A big congradulations to you all!!!! Diana

  2. Wow, Johann, what a busy weekend you had! Sorry you didn't feel that great - maybe the excitement and the heat? Or maybe that awesomely good new treat you were eating? Still sounds like you did great! We're looking forward to your post on your seminar last week and Gracie's today. Get some rest, you deserve it!

  3. Woohoo! A team Q! Good job. And congrats on getting over whatever ailed you. Must be a relief for all concerned.

  4. Hey Johanne, congratulations on your great agility weekend! Sounds like you were smokin' out there, at least for the ones where you weren't feeling off. Big YAY for getting that gamble - looks like a tricky one! Sounds like your Mum is pretty darn pleased with you and well she should be :-)

  5. Congrates to you Johann. That's pawsome and Gracie must be a wonderful cheerleader too

    ~ Girl girl

  6. Congrats that is so awesome! the Mum says she knows how tough those courses are 'cause her and Chase ran some around here and they were very tough so in August she's not going to run those again they need more practice!! But I bet I could do it, I went up the A Frame the other day, ran up, jumped off the end.. the Mum said I was just like an experienced dog blowing the contact, and I wasn't even afraid! :D

  7. Wow, congrats! And thanks for sharing the courses. (Do you draw those out yourself, or are they given to you as a souvenir?!?)

  8. Thanks everybody!

    It was great fun being at Regionals.

    And Gus, they hand out the course maps the morning before our runs, I bring em home and scan them in my puter!


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