Saturday, July 05, 2008

Regionals - Day 2!

We're back from Day 2 at the USDAA NC Regionals here in Indiana. It started out fast and ended with a bang. Overall, another pretty good day!

Our first run was Team Gamblers. This one had a timed gamble at the end of the run. So the goal was to accumulate as many points as possible before the buzzer sounded, then get as many points as you could before the buzzer sounded again - about 15 seconds.

Mum put me over a jump, then the dog walk three times (I bailed my contact two of them), the chute, then up the frame, a jump, the frame again, two jumps to the tunnel - then the buzzer sounded and we got in a tunnel and three jumps. Real speedy, and not bad, except that I didn't get points for those two dog walks where I missed the contact. So we were low on points for our team, dang it! But at least we didn't E!

Next event was Team Snooker. Nasty course, but doable. We did three reds and three sevens in the opening. The closing 2-5 went well, the 6 was a super nasty weave entrance, so Mum put me around a jump to get the entrance more smoothly - worked great! We made it through to 6 in full, almost seven, just shy of one jump. We were happy with the run, even though Mum thought she was getting really confused with all the sevens we did (the seven was a jump, straight tunnel, jump combo), but she kept here memory together! The run was really nice and speedy and both our teammates made it through to the six as well!

Next event was Master Standard - and here's where the day's problems began. I bolted off the start, just like Mum has been working with me on, took the dog walk (with a nice tunnel discrimination), chute, then weaves. Just as I entered the weaves Gracie (my sis) put out the biggest scream in history and, of course, I missed my weave entrance. Then I went into the tunnel, for way too long. Mum finally got me out, and took me off the course. Hmmmmpppphhhhhppp!

Then, Mum went to build the Grand Prix course (she built courses today, 'cause she likes to do that). When Mum came back she saw that I was looking funny - then she saw why. I had the biggest, meanest, smelliest Big D explosion in my crate that she's ever seen! So it was off to get cleaned up - crate too. And Mum watched me closely to see if she thought I'd like to run my Grand Prix.

Well I did! At least that's what I told her before the run. But then the run started, and I didn't feel good at all. I was running really, really slowly, with my head down. So Mum said, 'it's OK,' took me off course and we headed for home.

We stopped by my vet (she was at the show too) just before we left and talked with her a bit about my Big D episode. Mum wanted to get her expert advice, because she remembers well last year at this very same location, nearly the same month, I got a nasty bout of gastroenteritis the last day of a trial.

So for dinner I had yogurt, cottage cheese, with an acetylator supplement, and some Emergen-C to hydrate me. It's been three hours since the big explosion, so far so good!

Mum really hopes I'll be able to run tomorrow. We're entered in Masters Gamblers, Masters Jumpers and our final team event - Team Relay. Right now our team is still at 21st, just two teams shy of the cut off for Q's. So we really need this Relay to be great - paws crossed!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

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