Friday, July 04, 2008

Regionals - Day 1!

Mum, Gracie and I are back from day one at USDAA NC Regionals. Had a pretty good day!

It rained, or drizzled almost all day at 70 degrees. Very unusual for Indiana during the 4th of July weekend. But we didn't complain at all. That's my best running weather - as long as the course doesn't drowned me with mud, and it didn't!

Our Team is 21st overall right now out of 38 teams, with two events held - standard and jumpers, just shy of the top Q placements, so there's still hope. Our teammates are doing well, and we're having fun!

My first run was Team Jumpers - all jumps with 12 weaves. Really flowing, open course, which are my favorite. I got some really nice speed going in that course! And ran clean. The timer malfunctioned during my run, but the Judge said that he was sure the time was just over 32 sec., so he gave me a choice - take the 32 sec or run again for time. So I took the 32 sec, since Mum doesn't want me to have to run more than I've already signed up for! We were happy with that, because we were within just about 3-4 seconds of some of the top dogs, cool!

Second run was Masters Gamblers. Difficult gamble - left side of the tunnel (u shaped) and then had to go in the left side of the tunnel again, then jump, jump. I took the tunnel the first time, but didn't make it through the second time. It was a 1-3-5-7 with no 7. Got in 27 points, but no Q.

Third run was Team Standard. Mum says I ran that run probably the absolute fastest I've ever run in my life in any trial ever. So much so that Mum had no chance to get in a front cross she had planned. But I still made it through and was doing great - until I came out of the tunnel and Mum said go weave. But I got ambitious and took an off course jump first. She loved the ambition - and the super speed. But was sad that we got our Team an E. We'd probably be in the Q range right now if it wasn't for my E. Dang it! Three more events to go, so we're still really upbeat!

Fourth and last run of the day was Masters Relay. Our partner was new to Masters. We weren't super speedy for the last run of the day, but we Q'd nonetheless! Cool!

Mum worked some, built some courses and did a little gate stewarding. We tented right near one of the Masters rings, so we got to see some great runs and some great handlers - many top handler/dog teams are here. But the Regional is small. Everything is running well and smoothly, from what we could see. We started at 8:00 and were done by 3:30. Most all the rings were done by 4 or so. Not bad. Heard lots of great compliments on the site location. Well, we certainly like it here a lot!

Gracie got to spend some time on 'control' around the chaos! Doing some tricks, sits, downs and stays for Mum just outside the rings. She did great, so Mum let her play with some pups that were on hand. She had so much fun, she's now out like a light!

Tomorrow is Grand Prix, Team Gamblers, Team Snooker and Master Standard - for me. Weather for tomorrow looks cool in the morning, around 60-70 with a little humidity. Will be sunny with a high of 78 or so later in the day. Sunday's weather looks like a high of 83-85 and sunny with low humidity. Couldn't ask for better 4th weather!

Hope you are all having a great 4th of July! And for those outside the US, have a super weekend, K?


  1. timer malfunction? i wonder how did the judge came up with 32sec

  2. You look great in your cool crate.

    You two work so hard! Good luck!

  3. Jump? Weave? Why won't they let us pups set up our own courses. I think we could do a good job. Go get some lucky Qs for your team and stay cool. Woofs, Kharma


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