Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CGC? Maybe me?

Our good friend Cosmo, just recently passed her CGC. We are so happy for her and her Mom, they've come a long way! But I have to say that I can't help wondering if I could do it?

I know I've talked in the past that I didn't think I had a chance to pass the CGC test after reading the requirements on the AKC website.

But, while we were at the CPE trial this Sunday, Mum mentioned to a few of our friends that a Canine Good Citizen tester will be at the upcoming Show N Go we running in in a couple of weeks. And wonders never cease, there just happened to be a CGC tester tenting with my friends. Mum talked with her a while, and told her about me. She asked Mum to bring me over to meet her and she would do a little quick testing to see if maybe I could pass.

She thought I'd pass that test with flying colors. She even had me do the 20 foot meet and greet with her big, big Airdale Terrier (my biggest chance for failure), and I didn't really even show that much interest. The key Mum thinks is that she needs to give me commands and give me a job - like sit and stay - while we perform these CGC duties. It really kept me focused.

So, we're gonna try it. The big day is September 6th (or 7th if it's raining). Mum is taking me and Gracie to the agility Show N Go, let us run a couple of runs each, and then she thought that I'd be less wound up and we could do the test.

What do you think? Will I pass?


  1. Stetson here, I took my CGC back in February and my owner wasn't too sure we'd pass either. Our biggest worry was the meet and greet with another dog also. A couple pointers that I thought helped were arriving early to get used to the new smells and distractions and walking around for a while to get the nervous energy out. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great out there.

  2. Hey Stetson! Good tip, I'm gonna do that. Thanks.

  3. Of course you will pass! The Mum thinks I might be able to pass too.. if I don't bite the hoomans on the but, and dont' want to play with the other dog too much! But I don't know what that 'stay' thing means really yet!

    Good luck!

  4. Hey Johann!

    Looking forward to having you and Gracie at the Show & Go! :) Don't forget if you send in the pre-entry form you can save some money, and can add more runs that day for the same price. :)

    My boys say the CGC test is fun - Merlin and Rio were puppies when they passed theirs, so I think you'll be fine. :)

    Jenn, Merlin, Dewy, and Rio

  5. Hey Johann! I'm going to try to pass the test too! Your mom and my mom must've been on the same wavelength! My test is Sept.20. Good luck with your's!

  6. Good Luck on your CGC test, I'm sure you'll do great.

    I wish I could have my amazing one eye wonder dog tested but I don't think he'll pass the stand for exam. Due to the rotten life he had before me, my dog gets nervous when he can't see a strange person's hands.

  7. of course you will pass.. I thought the hardest part was when mom had to leave the room for 3 minutes and I had to stay with strangers - yikes! But mom gave me the absolutely most sincere "you stay,I'll be back" that I had heard to date, so I was pretty convinced. The instructors told mom I stared HARD at the door the entire 3 minutes, but I didn't fuss.
    BTW - go for the TDI while you are there. get it all over and done with!

  8. of course you will pass the exam! not only will you pass, you will be the best in your class ;) i have absolutely no doubts about that!


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