Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patricia McConnell's new book!

Patricia McConnell and Karen London have a new book out - Play Together, Stay Together!

From the book jacket:

"Play is fun, but don't be fooled into thinking it's just goofy or frivolous. Play is powerful stuff, and it has a profound influence on your relationship with your dog. This engagingly written booklet shows how play can enhance your relationship with your dog, improve your dog's responsiveness, and provide your dog with the mental and physical exercise he or she needs."

"Inside is up-to-date research on how to tell your dog you want to play (most of us aren't very good at it!), some charming tricks and games to wow your friends, and an important section on how not to play with your dog. If you'd like a happier, more responsive dog and a closer relationship with each other, then this booklet is for you."

Sounds like a great new book! I love play! To find out more about Patricia, visit my Squidoo lens - Patricia McConnell: A Great Dog Friend.

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  1. Ooo the Mum here says she loves Patricia Mccoonels books! Maybe she'll get it, then I can read it too.. and but books aren't much readable after I'm done with them!


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