Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Drat, I'm sick; and other stuff!

Drat it all!

Yesterday, around noon, I got sick all over the floor. Threw up my breakfast. Then threw up several times throughout the day.

Mum ran off to the store and got me some yogurt, organic baby food with chicken and brown rice, cottage cheese, and some Emergen-C. Gave me that in the afternoon and I threw up a little around midnight.

This morning she put in just a smidgen of kibble to the bland mixture and so far (as of 4:00 PM today) I've kept it all down. Yeah!

Have absolutely no idea why this is going on. Just may be a little flair up of my IBS, or too much partying on Saturday. Dog, that was a fun party!

Wolfie and Wiggy have their annual checkup tomorrow afternoon. So if I'm not better, I'll be joining them at Auntie B's our vet. But so far, so good!

Look what happens when I'm not on guard all day. Wolfie and Wiggy have taken over my practice agility tunnel! Can you believe it? To be fair it was their tunnel before I was born. Those squirts, just wait till I'm feeling better, I'm taking back control!

Mum got the lawn mowed again yesterday, so the lawn police wouldn't give us a ticket. She also went over to the neighbors house to get some instructions. We're going to take care of Madison, our best Belgian Sheepdog neighbor bud, for 10 days starting on Wednesday evening. Mum says she's going to teach Maddie some agility.

Hope she doesn't forget about my agility training, and Gracie's, too. We need to practice Mum! And I need to start work on that mouse pad training she talked about for my dog walk contact.

On Sunday, the hot air balloons where out in force. A string of them came right over our house. Mum thinks it's cool, I think they are aliens from outer space and wanted to put some acne medicine on them to get them to go away! Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark....

Oh, gotta go! It's time for dinner. Hope it stays down. I need some kibble to keep my energy up!


  1. Johann - hope you're back in the tunnel soon. Show those kitties who's boss!

  2. JoJo, hope you get better soon!!!



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