Sunday, August 03, 2008

What a great party!

Wow, what a great party!

Yesterday, Gracie and I attended a really fun party held by our MySpace bud, Punky. And we had a blast. There were lots of pups there that we've met through the Amazing Canine Road Trip (ACRT) crew on MySpace. The ACRT is the biggest and most famous group of pups on MySpace and a great group of guys and gals.

If you've never heard of the crew, they are a bunch of pups on MySpace that get together and travel the World. They get on their Magic Bus and visit locations throughout the US and the Globe, and they've even traveled to space...meeting new pups and visiting friends along the way.

We have a great time traveling with all of them. They've become some of my best buds over the past couple of years. It was pawsome to get together with some of them that live in the Midwest and meet them in person, well dog, anyway. We met Boone, Regan and Eddie, Oakley and Atticus, Pieces, Eddie, Punky's sisters Gracie and Phoebe, and more!

This is Punky, the host of the big event! Silly Mum was making mouthy sounds to get Punky's attention - duh, Punky's ears don't work. So she made finger moves instead. Nice pose Punky!

Here is the really cool magnet that we got to remember the event.

And we finally got to meet our best bud Eddie! He really hates cameras, so we had to apologize to him after we took this picture. Eddie is one of the nicest dogs I have ever met in my life. He and I were in a big to do over the 2007 SuperBowl since Eddie lives in Chicago. A really fun rivalry!

This was our pic to make sure we didn't get in a big dog fight over the event. And we didn't!

This is Me, Regan (Eddies Bro), and Gracie. Gotta tell ya, when Gracie and Regan first met there was just a wee bit of tension, but they became very fast best buds and had a great time together all afternoon. Arrroooing with the zoomies!

I got to spend some time in Eddie's Dad's lap, loved it! Very unusual behavior for me to want to spend so much time with someone other than Mum, she was pleased, and it says a lot about how great Eddie's Dad is.

Regan and Boone have a 'thing' going and it showed at the pawty. Kind of looks like a halo over Boone's head - wait, that's the water bowl...

And I got to meet a pup I've been wanting to meet for along time, my friend Oakley, a talented dude, BC through and through.

Then we got to meet navigator extraordinaire and scribe of the ACRT - Miss Pieces! What a great gal. Pieces has a bit of a manic obsession with reflections and she had fun chasing them around throughout the afternoon.
It was so much fun, I wish I could share all the 100 or so pics Mum took, but...

Mum was really proud of me. This was the very first time I had been with a group of pups since I got attacked by a pack of dogs back in 2005. Most of the entire time I got along with everyone. It was just the last hour, that I got kind of cranky, tired and hungry, and started telling everyone what to do. I'm really proud of all of us, we are really best buds, there wasn't a sirius scrap all day.

When we got home, Mum let us have the presents that Punky gave us as parting gifts. Check this out! Really cool decorated and personalized bags with photo frames, tug toys and tennis balls and some really cool magnets to remember the event. Thank you so much Punky. Thanks for inviting us, and all the hard work you put into the pawty!

One of the earliest and most beloved members of the ACRT took the road to the Rainbow Bridge just last week. As her Mum says, our sweet Baby just had to join us at the party, and she did, in style...we will miss you Baby, but know you will be traveling with us in our hearts on many ACRT adventures to come.


  1. WOW!!! Johann, that sounded (and looked) like a super pawesome party!!! I just love getting together with dog friends and having a good zoomie!



  2. What a wonderful thing to do, meeting some of your virtual friends in 'real' life. It looks like the party was a lot of fun, judging by the photos.

    Levi's mom

  3. Looks like a great party - how do you find one of these online Myspace puppy majic buses? Sounds like a blast!

  4. JoJo - Hey, it's me, Punky!! It was so fun reading this blog about our pawty! I had so much fun with everypup! Of course, you and I had met before, so we were old friends! I can't wait till our next get together. See you in the RV ;)

    Love & Licks,


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