Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Honored, honored, honored!

A week or so ago, I was incredibly honored to be featured on the Giant Squid Community Showcase Blog. It's a blog that highlights Giant Squid lensmasters and their amazing lenses.

This honor was extra, extra special. Some of you may know that my Mum is a marketing consultant by trade (when she's not doing my stuff, my blogs, my Squidoo lenses, and our agility). She takes pride in her work for her clients and loves to help them succeed.

All these years that Mum has been in marketing, she's worked to build and brand other people's businesses. But with my stuff, she gets to do it her way, all the time! She loves (ok, I'll say it) to sometimes use me as an experiment in branding, trying out different social media activities, online marketing tactics and the like - to see how they work, what they'll do, and if they will potentially work for her clients. She's learned a lot, and has had a lot of fun with all of it.

So when we saw this very gracious post on Giant Squidoo Community Showcase that said 'a good example of a Giant Squid Lensmaster with a powerful brand is JohannTheDog,' she was a bit speechless for a change. When someone notices and says these types of words, it's an incredible confirmation that you are on the right track; and that doesn't happen very often for a person.

I'm happy for my Mum, someone clicked and she got a treat!

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