Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I got an exercise ball!

Winter is coming up and I am determined to stay healthy this year. Every year of my life so far I have had a major injury during the winter months. This year it is not going to happen - no pulled muscles, no broken bones, no surgeries, no nothing, nada!

Last Winter Mum got me a treadmill, which I work out on during the really hot and really cold days, when we can't stay outside long. Love it, love it! And I'm still doing my tricks (like beg, big wave, dance, etc.) for core strengthening; my stretching exercises. And I'm doing my hill climbing (Mum even broke down and got me a flexi last weekend at the trial - so that I could go up the hill further without wearing her out.) We don't like flexi's in our house, this is only for special.

But we wanted to go one step further for my conditioning. So Mum ordered me an exercise ball from eBay (great price, by the way), and we got it the other day. Mum needs to work up a plan for me to 'work out' on it, and she's going to reference information from Debbie Gross Saunders' website, talk with our outstanding vet, Doc Bonnie; and maybe even break down and get the 'Get on the Ball' DVD from Clean Run.

Me? I just can't wait to get on the thing. Hurry up and get it inflated, will ya, Mum!


  1. Oh, that sounds like a lot of work. Hope it all keeps you healthy and happy.

    Levi's mom

  2. I never even dreamt I could coax Jake onto an exercise ball. Very exciting. Please let us know how you get on with it!!

    It's a shame the DVD is NTSC format, maybe I can play it in my laptop (we're PAL format over here). I look forward to my family's faces if I pitch up with Jake and an exercise ball ... my nieces would love it.

  3. you'll love it!! I do some work on the ball too! I can jump on it and balance. HM wants to get me to try to "sit pretty" on the ball too...I'm working on it!

    We agree about the flexi's too! I have a short one that she only uses if I need a quick break at she doesn't have to wander off the sidewalk in the dark.

    too many owners let their dogs walk willy-nilly on them...uncontrolled!!!

  4. Johann, I learn so much from your blog! Those exercise balls sound interesting. I had a quick look at the Debbie Gross Saunders website and I'll go back again to read more.


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