Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is it time to upgrade?

Mum and I live on our computer for business and for fun, at least when we're not trialing, training, taking hikes, or doing some fun tricks. We spend a lot of time, emailing, researching, editing pics and vids, putting together marketing plans for Mum's clients and more.

So our computers (one laptop, and one desktop, all wired up) are really important to us. Many have said that we should switch to Mac. But Mum has been using a PC since, ok, I'm gonna tell ya, 1987. So switching would really be a big change for Mum, and when it comes to computers, she's not very good with change. She's learned a lot over these past years about how to fix things on the computer, upgrade it, how the compatible software works and much more.

We bought both of our computers about 4 years ago. Needless to say they are running out of space, need upgrading, need updated software. Well, you get the idea. We can easily upgrade our desktop and laptop. But we've been wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade the op system as well to Windows Vista. The look and feel, usability, enhanced security features, efficiency and productivity enhancements are pretty attractive.

When Vista came out last year there were so many problems with it, we didn't even consider it. But we are hearing now from some sources that with the Vista upgrades, the past problems of frequent crashes, compatibility problems, missing features and sluggish performance are being rectified. And that they are satisfied that you Vista is very doable now.

And, we see that Microsoft offers some great help for small businesses like ours. With free coaching and support, loads of helpful guides on their website, tutorials to help you transition and more - it just may be the time to take the leap.


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  1. My dad is still avoiding Vista until all the problems are gone and my mom had enough trouble moving from Windows 98 to XP that she's in no hurry to have to learn Vista. We'll be interested to see what you decide. BTW, we aren't Mac folks either.


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