Saturday, September 13, 2008

Polish off those cool pics!

It's time to get out the cameras and polish off those cool pup pics. The 4th annual World's Coolest Dog Show from is coming soon!

Beginning in October you can enter your dog's picture in the following categories: Best In Show Dog, Ball or Frisbee Player, Tongue/Slobber, Patriotic, Sports Fan, Naughtiest Dog, Purse Dog, Best Friends, Smiles and Grins, Craziest Tail, Costumes & Shades, Jumper, Water Dog, Car Dog, Sleeper, Working Dog.

Not sure what Purse Dog is, oh wait, dogs in purses. Guess that's a Paris Hilton type of thing. Purse Dog really isn't my gig. Guess some small dogs can't walk as much as me and Gracie. Maybe a Bob stroller is more of what they need instead of purses. Seems more athletic.

I see a lot of Moms around the neighborhood using these types of strollers with their two-legger kids. They seem to be very pupular jogging strollers for the serious runners, serious walkers around here. I even see these Moms (and Dads on the weekends) putting on the stroller weather shield and taking in the miles in all kinds of weather. And our neighbor has one, loves it and says they hold up to loads of wear and tear. If I was a two-legger kid, I think I'd like one of these. Anyways...

We're thinking of entering these pics (if Anthony would allow me to use the ones of me and Gracie running agility)? I'm kind of liking my tongue pic for the Tongue/Slobber category. Love Gracie's water hose pic for the Water Dog category. Gracie's such a great jumper, just have to enter her in the Jumper category. And then, one of my absolute favorite pics that Mum took last year, me and my red ball for the Ball/Frisbee Player category.

What do you think? Do they make the grade?

Get your furry little friend gussied up and ready to go! Get some tips from last year's coolest pooches, here!


  1. awww! What a cute and healthy dog u have here!! Totally in love with him!

  2. I think you picked some really awesome pics there, they look like winners to me!
    I'm not a dogster member but i will cheer you on in spirit!

    Have a great weekend,

    Ben xxx

  3. Your action shots are definite winners!


  4. Love your red soccer ball. I ate my white one and the red looks just luscious. Woofs, Kharma

  5. I'd go for the one with the orange soccer ball. You look serious but cute. Kind of powerfully canine.


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