Monday, October 13, 2008

Agility dogs beware of the robot?

We were searching around YouTube today and found something interesting. Don't think us agility dogs are in trouble, yet!

Here's what they say...
Throughout 2007, a group of Wollongong University Undergraduates embarked on a project supervised by Dr. Koren Ward, to take the Aibo where it has never been before - ultimately behaving ''.

This first step has paved the path that will one day allow robot dogs to successfully compete against organic dogs. It is simply a matter of time ...
Check out the Aibo doing the teeter!


  1. That's about the speed I could have coped with when I went to agility practice on the day after my 40th birthday night out.

    In one of those internet cooincidences, we've just got a robot vaccum cleaner.Jake is underwhelmed.

  2. i'm sure by the time they had perfected the technology to run at a more appropriate speed. i'm already dead


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