Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What are you gonna be this year?

Halloween is right around the corner. We've been Twittering with some dog buds about what they will be wearing on the big night.

I've been invited to a Halloween Agility Party at the training center. We get unlimited discounted runs if Mum and I both dress up (oh, Gracie too!). We'll probably be going to get in some inexpensive practice.

Not sure yet what we are going to go as this year. Last year, Gracie and I went as prisoners, and Mum went as a warden. That was pretty fun. This year she is going to remember to take pics before we leave the house, instead of at the party when it's so chaotic. That should work much better. It was crazy getting Gracie and I to be still with all the dogs and barking!

There sure are a lot of new options for Halloween Costumes for us pups this year. I've seen everything from Super Heroes, and Pumpkins, to Pirates and Princesses. We were talking with Tatum yesterday and she wants to be a Princess. This one would look great on her!

So, do you have plans for the big Howl-o-ween night? What are you going to dress up as? And do you have any big plans? Any big parties? Leave a comment and maybe we can share ideas!


  1. I love all of the dogs in costume! However, none of my 3 dogs are happy about wearing them. And even if they were, when I open the door to trick-or-treaters, the dogs go nuts, so I have to keep them locked up in their crates anyway. :)

    Cute picture!!

  2. I went to a party last Sunday, but it was too hot out to wear a costume. But I'm signed up for 2 more, so maybe I will get to wear my bumble bee costume. Or maybe my witches hat. I like that hat.


Thanks for barking in!

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