Friday, October 31, 2008

Cynosport, USDAA nationals Update!

Looks like the video feed is up and running!

Update from the USDAA website:

As the technicians are preparing for live coverage of this weekend's events, they are streaming live from the main ring throughout the day (Oct 31)! Visit the live stream option in the video area. Free registration is required but it only takes a moment. Check it out!

Runs begin again at approximately 6:30pm (Oct 31) Mountain Standard Time (that's 9:30pm on the East Coast). Check in early and you might catch someone you know course building or just walking in front of the camera (or maybe something else...)!

Coverage may be interrupted during preparations for tonight's events.

Upcoming Live Streams:
$10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase®/Performance Speed Jumping Championships Finals - 11/01/2008 06:30 PM
Dog Agility Masters Three-Dog Team/Performance Versatility Pairs Championships - 11/02/2008 09:00 AM
Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championship Finals - 11/02/2008 12:30 PM

All times are Arizona Time. Friday and Saturday, this is three hours behind the time on the East Coast (Eastern Daylight time) and the same as the time on the West Coast.

After the time change on Sunday morning at 2am, the times for Sunday's webcasts will be two hours behind East Coast time and one hour ahead of West Coast time.

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