Saturday, November 01, 2008, a global pet community!

Mum and I found a new pet website today! is a global pet community where you can make friends, blog, chat, peruse the forums, upload videos, play games, get pet tips and more!

It's a fun little site, a social networking site for all types of animals from dogs (of course!), to cats, birds, fish, horses, reptiles, hamsters, bunnies and more. We had a little fun with the site the other day and created a profile. See I'm already friends with Tillman, the famous skateboarding dog of Greatest American Dog fame.

We set up our account and created my profile, which was easy. Then we uploaded a few pics, did a quick blog so folks can get to know me, checked out the dog forum, and made a few friends, which is always fun. And we entered their Halloween Costume Contest with our LOLDog Prisoner pic we took the other day to try and win a Petco gift card which we could always use. And if you hurry, you can sign up and invite five new friends to join and get a really cool t-shirt.

It's a fun little site where you can make new dog friends from all over the World. Check it out, may be worth a bookmark!

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