Thursday, October 02, 2008

Get yourself on the cover of the Orvis Dog Book!

Mum and I love Orvis. If you're not familiar with the company, they have amazing stuff for people and dogs who love the outdoors, just like we do!

My first big dog item was an Orvis product. I was quite the chewer when I was younger, still am, but now I chew on things like bones and sticks. I chewed up my first dog bed in quick order. So Mum thought I needed some help. She gave me lots of appropriate things to chew and searched around the Internet and found the Orvis ToughChew© Dog's Nest®. Perfect!

Four years later, I still have my Orvis bed. I've recovered from surgery, a broken bone, a nasty pulled muscle, and gastroenteritis in that bed; as well as had some of the best snoozes of my life. When Mum is working hard, I spend time in my bed by her feet, waiting until she's done. Mum has added in some more fill over the years, but it still holds up after many washings and even some chewing sessions with Gracie!

Their products are a little more expensive than others, but the quality is amazing, along with the customer service.

So when we heard they were holding a Dog Book Cover contest, we got pretty excited! This is our kind of Dog Book; filled with great products for us pups. From organic and super tough toys, to great dog outdoor gear, sporting coats, personalized collars, car gear and lots more.

Orvis is accepting entries for The Orvis Dog Book Cover Contest. The winning shot will appear on the cover of a future Orvis Dog Book, and the winning photographer will receive a $500 Orvis Gift Card. Better get those pawsome pics in, the contest ends January 29, 2009!

60+ New Pet Items: Beds, Toys, Treats and More!

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