Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting some energy!

I don't have problems scraping up some energy, I'm pretty much always ready to go!

But Mum does sometimes. She's older than I, she works long hours, doesn't get as much exercise as she'd like. She eats right, but sometimes that's just not enough. So she called in for a free trial of FRS Health Energy, the stuff that Lance Armstrong has been touting everywhere, to give it a try.

It's not your typical caffeine jolt type of energy boost, she didn't want the jitters and that stuff gets your heart rate to an abnormal level, not good. This stuff is packed with herbs, vitamins and minerals (and is sweetened with cane juice rather than refined sugars) and gives you an overall energy boost that lasts.

So far Mum gives it high grades. She's been using it on trial days, and as long as she doesn't fall smack on her hip :) she really feels like she has more energy for runs, driving back and forth to trials. And the energy sustains pretty much all day. And she doesn't have to check out those sites that reviews diet pills, since she has more energy and can get in some extra exercise throughout the day.

In the free trial, we received a ready to drink can and a bottle of concentrate, some power to mix with water (great for on the road), and some chewables. The products were free and we paid for the shipping.

If you need a boost, it may be worth looking into.

Need All Day Energy?

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  1. hi Johann - I'm gonna get my mom some of that stuff... I'm like you - the weather is fabulous and now I want to get out and GO! I don't even care where or what we do, I just need to GO! Maybe that stuff will get her acting just like me!! BOL


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