Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shining a light on pet adoption!

This month - National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month - is a very special month for me. You see, I'm a rescue dog. I was saved back in 2004 by the amazing and caring folks at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis from a life on the streets.

I stayed at the shelter for a few weeks after they found me. Then on September 3, 2004, my life changed forever.

That day my Mum searched on and saw a cute little black and white sheltie pup. She knew in her heart that I was the one for her. She jumped in the car, drove about an hour - that was the day my Mum adopted me and took me to my new home to meet my new family.

I'll never forget that day. I was only 12 weeks old, and acted like a shy little thing (dog, did that change!). This is a pic of where I lived at the shelter. And the first photo that Mum ever took of me. I had really short fur, big ears, and a scrawny tail. But, Mum says it was love at first sight.

Lucky pup? You bet. I have a wonderful life, and an amazing family with my sis Gracie, my Mum and my kittie brothers, Wolfie and Wiggy. I get to learn tricks, hike, canoe, take long walks, herd birds and sometimes sheep, wrestle with my sister, cuddle with my Mum, and do lots and lots of dog agility. I just couldn't ask for more. And I get to share my life and make friends with pups and humans all over the world through my website and my blogs.

But not all dogs are as lucky as I. There are thousands and thousands of dogs in shelters and rescues all over the country, just waiting for their forever home.

We hope that you'll take some time out of your busy schedule like we will be this month to help those pups in need. Whether you help through adoption, financially, by volunteering of your time, or by donating a few useful items to your local shelter or rescue group. I know they will be very grateful. I was!

We are participating in the First Annual Pet 'Net Adoption Event, a blogging event shared with many other pet bloggers in the blogosphere. Be sure and stop by's Pet 'Net Adoption Hub see all the blogs participating, read all the wonderful adoption stories, and get more information about how you can help pets in shelters and rescues all over the country.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story, from a fellow Pet Net Adoption Blogger.

  2. Hi Johann!

    Great post you did. You sure are a lucky dog that you went to such a good home. It's a neat story.

    We are so glad that there are blogs like yours also participating in the adoption event blogging day for Petside today. We are going around and visiting all the other blogs talking about it.

    Take care Johann,


  3. Sweet rescue story! I've been meaning to put something up on my blog about rescue as well (I volunteer in my community).

    All 3 or my dogs are rescues. :)

  4. All 3 of us were rescued too and like you, we know luck was on our side. We hope all the Pet'Net Adoption bloggers help make a difference for more dogs and cats like us!

    Woof! Woof! Meow!
    Archie, Lydia, & Tequila

  5. Mom got me from the Hamilton County Humane Society!

  6. Thanks for sharing your great story. My dad found me on too. He picked me up from the shelter, nursed me back to health, and we've been best pals ever since.


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