Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gracie dreams!

My sis is goofy! She burps, she slobbers, she grunts, and she sighs when she settles down to sleep. But the goofiest thing she does is make funny sounds when she dreams.

Finally, finally, Mum got a little vid of some of the goofy sounds my sis Gracie makes when she dreams. After agility practice yesterday morning, Mum and I were in our office chairs, and Gracie was in her doggie bed, when she started dreaming. I bet she was dreaming of agility!

Here's the vid!


  1. Hey Johann,
    My little sis Trudy does the same thing!! Isn't it weird?
    Murphy Dogg

  2. Oh that is soooo sweet! and she twitches too.. so i agree she must be dreaming about agility.
    Mum says my bridge brother used to make the same noises and he would sleep with his legs stretched out and they would be racing as if he was chasing something!

    I think she looks and sounds just adorable!!

    Ben xxxx


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