Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dog agility in the movies!

If you love dog movies as much as Mum, Gracie and I do, here's one you'll love! Firehouse Dog sniffed it's way into theaters and onto DVD last year. We've seen it a couple of times, and never get tired of it.

Dewey finds a new life and hopefully new wholesale fashion jewelry!

Here's a synopsis...
Shane (Josh Hutcherson), a teenager is being raised by single firefighter father Connor (Bruce Greenwood). Add the recent death of Shane's fire-captain uncle (Connor's brother) in the line of duty and the pending closure of their neighborhood "Dogpatch" fire station, and both Shane's propensity for skipping school and brooding in his room and his father's obsession with work seem easily explainable.

When a mutt called Dewey, really a very spoiled superstar dog named Rexxx who's been presumed dead after a parachuting stunt gone wrong, turns up in a burning building and is rescued by the Dogpatch crew, Connor puts Shane in charge of caring for the dog and finding its owner. Shane and Dewey clash immediately.

However, Dewey's unique talents, combined with his good fire-fighting instincts, soon win the admiration and affection of Shane and the entire Dogpatch crew.
One of our favorite, and movie turning point, scenes in the movie is the dog agility competition at the annual Firehouse picnic. Go Dewey!

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