Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's National Animal Shelter Appreciation week!

This week is National Animal Shelter Appreciation week!

In 1996, The HSUS launched National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (based on an idea from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska). This campaign was designed to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role shelters play in their communities and to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services.

During National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, the first full week of every November, The HSUS promotes and celebrates animal shelters across the country through media and public outreach.

You can find materials here to help you celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week in your community.

I love the folks at the shelter who rescued me. If it wasn't for them, I'm sure I wouldn't be with my Mum, my family, or have the amazing life that I have.

So we were thinking about what we would do to honor and thank our favorite animal shelter - The Southside Animal Shelter - here in Indianapolis.

Over the course of my short agility career, I have acquired a pretty nice stash of toys. Sometimes I get these toys for entering the trial, sometimes when I get a Q, and sometimes when I get a placement. Since we have an abundance of toys, I'm going to send along some of them to my shelter, where I am certain they will be put to good use.

So in appreciation of your local animal shelter, here are a few things you could do to help them rescue more pups, and help pups find loving, furever homes:
  • Gather up some supplies, like cleaners, newspapers, old towels, blankets, dog shampoo, pet toys, discount furniture, treats, and other items. Then take them down to donate to your local shelter/rescue. They always need items to help them care for the animals.
  • Give of your time to help shelter pets feel more comfortable during their stay - go and walk the pups and pet the kitties. They will love you for it.
  • Send a card or letter and tell the shelter workers and volunteers that you appreciate all the hard work they do.
  • Donate funds to help the shelter continue their good work.
  • Find your next pet and adopt from your local shelter or rescue. Great pups, kitties and other animals come from shelters - just ask me, or my kittie brother Wiggy!
  • Consider being a foster parent for animals in need!
  • Help transport pets that need to be relocated to shelters and rescues.
  • Donate some office supplies, like printers, paper, old computers, phones and more to help keep them running more easily, inexpensively and smoothly.
  • Sponsor an animal in need at a shelter and alleviate some of the expenses of spay/neuter and vaccinations.
  • Are you good with people? Volunteer at your shelter to help run events, put out newsletters, fund raise, and help them get the word out about the animals in need.
  • Or contact your local shelter/rescue and ask how you can help.
We hope you'll do what you can to help out your favorite shelter, or a shelter near you! And happy National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

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