Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gracie's on Charming Pet Products website!

My goofy sister, Gracie, is on the Charming Pet Products website! Two years ago, Gracie got a really cool Christmas Henrietta for Christmas. She absolutely loved the toy. Being the goofy girl she is, Mum couldn't help but capture her playing with it on video. Gracie still plays with it, it's one of her favorite toys - she sometimes plays with it so long that she needs Orlando vacations scheduled to rest up!

The other day we saw that they posted the YouTube vid on their website! Check it out!


  1. Soooo funny!! I had an "Earl" once..but he didn't last long with my chompers!!


  2. I can't get the video to work here, but I'll check on my computer at home. Cool about the web site!

  3. Ok, got to see the video. That's so funny! The chicken sounds like it's dying a slow death. LOL


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