Saturday, November 22, 2008

The puppies are addicting and way famous!

Awwwwwwwwww. If you haven't seen the hottest dog 'thing' on the Internet, don't miss the Shiba Inu puppies live cam! With over 2 million views, Autumn, Ayumi, Amaya, Aki, Akoni, Ando are sure to satisfy your puppy hunger. Sometimes the cam goes off air, but comes back soon after. There's lots of twitching, yawning, spooning and wrestling to be had. Warning! It's addicting!

They are quickly growing and soon they will have their own furever homes. According to an article on,, who is live streaming the video now, is planning on outfitting each family that adopts a puppy with their own Doggie Cam, so the millions of viewers can keep up with their favorite pup.


  1. I did an online puppycam for my litter a year ago and it was a great success. It wasn't hosted on a website like ustream, but everyone I sent the links to were much less productive at work.

    Every once and a while I'd get a call to move the cam because the puppies were hiding and the day the puppies first figured out how to break out of their whelping box, the phone rang within seconds of the first escape.

    It's neat technology, although I doubt the cams will be successful for the pups when they are in their new homes, as the dogs will probably not be in one small area that often.

  2. Have you seen the Dude Cam video response to this?? It's soooo funny! A bunch of men mimicing the Shiba's!!! (check out HM's facebook for posted link!!)




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