Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unique skins!

Mum and I had some fun today. You may remember that she got a Palm Centro not too long ago. Well, to keep it protected she decided to get a skin for it. But we didn't get just any skin, nope! We got a customized skin from Unique Skins.

Being the agility addicts that we are, what did we get on our skin? Yep, agility stuff of course with a pics of Gracie and I doing agility on the back skin, and an agility course map on the front skin. Too fun!

It was pretty darn easy to do. We just made sure that we had the right device, because they have skins for all kinds of phone, pda's, iPods, laptops and more. Then we uploaded our pics, arranged them on the phone with the easy interface, saved it and added it to our cart. And the skins were only $6.99 for both front and back. Guess from the pics, I'm not going to be needing any Lipovox anytime soon, even if the camera does put on 10 lbs.

Here's what the front of our phone is going to look like...

And here's the back...

We can't wait to get them in the mail and add them to our phone!


  1. that is soooo cool!!!

    yeah, HM is pretty mad her carrier isn't carrying the latest Palm phones. If she wants the Centro, she has to switch. :o(


  2. That's super neat!! Wish they made them for my mom's Palm Z22 PDA!!!


  3. That's a very cool idea! I need this for my iPhone :-)

    Greets from Germany


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