Sunday, February 15, 2009

I got to play some agility!

Today was nice enough for us to get outside for some more agility! Mum's been working on keeping me fit, and keeping up my speed. We've been playing with toys more than rewards with treats in recent weeks, and I'm not minding at all! (Gracie still like her food though).

We're missing training and competing in agility, but have to say that getting out in the yard to play some agility is super motivating, and a super nice break from work! Here's a quick vid - you'll notice I'm just a tad bit interested in herding some birds, but I got the job done :) BTW - sorry for the poor quality of our latest vids, Mum has to use the video function on our digital camera when she runs with us, 'cause it's a one handed operation.


  1. Johann, I just enjoy watching you executing all your jumps & weaving so well! I love to weave but I'm never as neat as you. I like missing poles. Hee!

  2. Wow - Johann - look at you go!!!! I think the birds really revved you up! You've inspired me again to go out and do backyard agility today!

  3. You are so fast!! looks like great fun. =)


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